Airbrush Tanning

Airbrush Tanning
Aloha Airbrush Tanning uses only Moon Tans products, the highest-quality sunless airbrush tanning product in the country!

Our proprietary Moon Mist Sunless Airbrush Tanning Solution is ALL NATURAL and has proven to effectively bronze over 5.5 MILLION clients with unsurpassed quality, consistency and effectiveness. Sunless Airbrush Tanning has become the SAFEST, MOST EFFECTIVE way to tan!

Over 950 salons & day spa's across the nation (like Orange Skye Day Spa here in Denver!) use Moon Tans products. We have provided over SIX MILLION tans to people who are elated to have an alternative to the harmful effects and damage of traditional tanning! Airbrush tanning is the newest trend for maintaining a safe, yet glowing tan.

It is a great alternative to sun exposure, tanning beds, and even self tanning lotions that you can buy in stores. Both sun exposure and tanning beds can be extremely harmful to the skin, causing a development of burns, wrinkles, freckles, moles, and even forms of skin cancer. Self-applied self tanning lotions can be frustrating because they are hard to apply and often do not provide the most desirable results.

MOON Mist dries QUICKLY, is ODORLESS, ALL NATURAL and provides a glowing golden tan with NO orange discoloration. We have incorporated the finest ingredients which promote healthy, rejuvenated skin! How it works: DHA is one of the main ingrediants in Moon Tans. It is an amino acid our body needs. It's found in mulit-vitamins, baby formula, milk, eggs, etc....When DHA interacts with the melanin in our skin, it 'activates' your own tan! You'll see yourself getting darker as your own tan develops over the 8 hour period following your spray!

Airbrush tanning is different from other methods of tanning because it is applied by a technician, you are not in a booth! When someone else is applying the tanning solution, you can be sure that all the desired areas you want to tan will be reached. This is not always possible with self-tanners. It is difficult to avoid that orange and streaky look when you apply it yourself.

The tanning solution won't stain your clothes! While many women may choose to wear an old bikini or undergarments during the tanning, others who not want tan lines can choose not to wear clothes. What you wear while airbrush tanning is your choice (men must wear an undergarmet).
Areas that do not tan in the sun, such as the palms of hands and feet, won't turn orange, so you will always be assured a natural look. Additionally, our experienced technician will be sure to avoid getting any in your hair. When you choose airbrush tanning with us at Aloha Airbrush Tanning, we will make sure that you receive the most natural-looking, bronzed tan possible.
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  • All Natural
  • Safe and Effective
  • 2.5 million customers

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